Fresh news!

Yes, here it is, the latest issue. Remember the name Ryan Heckendorn? He sent us a story of amazing weight loss exactly one year ago. In connection with our cover story (why is it so hard to lse weight – and then keep it off???), we check in with Ryan for an update. Is he another one of those “lost …

The All-New Feb. 5 Issue!

Yes, it’s right here in all its salubrious splendor, every page brimming with words and letters arranged into healthful sentences. Fun Fact: reading the Examiner regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep healthful habits in your life. So start reading already!

Soup Week!!!

by Alisa Rhinehart TACO SOUP! The one thing that I LOVE about this soup recipe is that it is super quick to put together. You can have this meal on the table in less than 45 minutes. The recipe makes a ton so you’ll have some for leftovers. It freezes really well too. It features ground turkey instead of ground …

It’s here! The new issue!

As always, we have packed a a wealth of thoughtful, useful, and always salubrious information into our 16 pages. Heck, even the ads are healthful. We start off, as we sometimes do, on page one with startling new findings about the dangers of e-cigarettes; and an equally shocking portrait of retail terrorism. Read it.

The HOTTEST issue yet!

…containing the latest installment in our view of The National Hot Car Witchhunt. There is a time and a place to call 9-1-1 when you see a child left alone in a car. But is that time and place when the parent is gone for less than five minutes? How about a little application of The Golden Rule before you …