Your mid-week escape has arrived

Also known as The Hump Day Hiatus. The following little excursion is not only a dazzling flight of artistic fancy; it’s a splendid idea for every planetarium in the country to employ – unless, of course, they’re already so crowded they’re turning people away. In other words, this is a splendid idea for every planetarium in the country to employ. …

I Love Monday

Lifelong city dwellers might think the Milky Way is a Hollywood creation, something you see only in movies. After all, city lights prevent all the but brightest stars from being seen. But thousands of stars are visible to folks out in the wide open spaces, and they are spectacular.

Your Mid-Week Break

AKA, the world-famous Hump Day Hiatus. But first, a question: when you need a vacation (even if it’s only five minutes long), do you prefer to escape civilization or run straight for it? Well, either way, we’ve got you covered. Today’s first offering is the vast and lonely and stark beauty of the night skies in the Dakota Territory. Or …

Hump Day? Hiatus Time!

If this is the most stressful time of the year – and many people say it is all that and then some – then what better antidote than this chill look upward, replete with a calm and-a-half soundtrack? So sit back and savor (preferably in couch mode, a.k.a. “full screen.”) Crystal Skies from Nigel Stanford on Vimeo.