We haven’t published an issue this good…

…in at least two weeks. Inside: A Bad Billy Laveau instant classic. And the PERFECT book for bathroom reading. See From the Bookshelf on page 11. Our two cover stories are also worthy of your perusal. When your 16-year-old son drowns, your life can descend into endless grief. Or you can try to make something positive out of the tragic …

Hump Day!!!

We have a convergence of two events: it’s summer (all month, and then some) and it’s Hump Day. So let’s use our mid-week break to cool off. We need one of these around here. This looks like it might be in Hawaii. It looks like a blast!

I’ve got the hots for summer.

Literally. Despite the headline hots, I’m no fan of hot weather. Summer is only one letter removed from simmer. Even so, there’s something about the arrival of summer that calls for celebration. Maybe it’s the vacationy feel of this season and the resulting outdoorsiness of summer; maybe it’s the long days; maybe it’s all the food we love to eat …

PSA of the Week

This is interesting and thought-provoking. It definitely offers a strong argument for sunscreen, that’s for sure. Stay beautiful.

I Love Monday

IT’S THE FIRST MONDAY OF SUMMER! Trust me: I’m no fan of hot weather. But there’s something about summer that just demands a celebration. So let’s dive in!