Lie back for some music therapy

BUT DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES!!! This week’s regular Thursday music therapy video is certainly well done from an audio perspective. But the visual exceeds the aural in this instance, at least from our viewpoint. See what you think. The Paper Kites: Young from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.

TBT: Tune Bounty Thursday

Start by assembling a cast of 350 people. Take thousands of individual photos of them, all singing the same song – “Young,” by The Paper Kites – then patch all the still images together and – voila – the result is this music video. Please enjoy responsibly. Facial recognition software is a very complex and sophisticated computer tool that you …

V is for Video

On Thursdays, we do music. Like this: Air Review – Young. from MiraRuido on Vimeo.