About This Newspaper

The Augusta Medical Examiner was founded with a very simple mission in mind: to serve as the information resource for anyone interested in health and wellness among Augusta’s large and growing medical community and the many patients it serves. The Examiner is published twice monthly in both print and online versions.

The 25,000 people in the Augusta area who work in healthcare are the Garden City’s economic bedrock, worth billions of dollars to the local economy each year. More importantly, they contribute a prime quality-of-life asset to the entire region: access to healthcare of the highest calibre.

With this information on its pages, the goal of the Augusta Medical Examiner is twofold: to provide a central source of information within the healthcare community, and to offer timely wellness information to readers in general, to everyone interested in the vital topic of better health.

The Augusta Medical Examiner is the only publication in the greater Augusta area whose sole focus is health and wellness. General readers and medical personnel alike find the Augusta Medical Examiner to be an excellent source of health information and an important guide to choosing their healthcare providers.

Thousands of people who are healthcare consumers are Augusta Medical Examiner readers. With the Examiner’s extensive distribution in hundreds of medical facilities and their waiting rooms across the Augusta area, these readers have ample time to read advertisers’ important messages.

Advertising in the Augusta Medical Examiner is Augusta’s most cost-effective way to place advertising specifically targeted to the medical community on either side of the stethoscope. Why pay a premium to reach general newspaper readers with a medically-oriented message when the Augusta Medical Examiner delivers an audience pre-screened for their interest in healthcare? If they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t be reading the Augusta Medical Examiner. For general (non-medical) advertising, healthcare personnel comprise the largest single assemblage of employed people in the Augusta market, many of them with considerably higher than average incomes and education. Patients and medical professionals alike are consumers of everything from housing and cars to haircuts and groceries, from banking services to travel.

Broadly speaking, approximately 75% of Augusta Medical Examiner readers are healthcare consumers; approximately 25% are healthcare providers; and 100% are interested in the subjects of medicine, health, and wellness.

Augusta’s medical community is worth billions of dollars each year to the local economy. Healthcare consumers are an even larger audience. Take advantage of the Augusta Medical Examiner to reach this lucrative market. (For more info, visit the FAQ section of this site.)