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The Augusta Medical Examiner reaches Augusta’s medical community on both sides of the stethoscope. Augusta is one of the premiere medical communities in the South, treating hundreds of thousands of patients annually and providing an annual economic impact of billions of dollars. The Medical Examiner reaches this audience twice each month through delivery to hundreds of private practice physicians offices and to newsstands located throughout the medical complex and across the region.

We target and deliver to Augusta’s most highly paid, highly educated workforce: 25,000 medical professionals at 14 major hospitals, including University and Doctors Hospitals, Walton Rehabilitation Hospital, University Hospital Summerville, Select Specialty Hospital, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, two Veterans Administration hospitals, Gracewood State Hospital, Serenity Health Systems, East Central Georgia Regional Hospital, the US Army’s Eisenhower Medical Center, and Augusta University Medical Center, the state’s health sciences university and one of the top ten schools in the country for general practitioners. The Augusta Medical Examiner is just what the doctor ordered to give your sales figures a real shot in the arm. Call today to reach Augusta’s largest, best-paid workforce – and the patients they serve!

2023 Advertising Rates (per issue)

for color and black & white ads – rates subject to change – sample sizes only – other sizes available

Ad Size
14-24 times
[30% discount]
9-13 times
[20% discount]
4-8 times
[10% discount]
1-3 times
[regular rate]
1/8 page [9] example: 3 cols. x 3"
1/4 page [18] example: 2 cols. x 9"
1/2 page [35] example: 5 cols. x 7"
2/3 page [42] example: 3 cols. x 14"
Full page [70]

Front page color banner [4″ x 9.975″] $300/issue
Inside page color banner [3″ x 9.975″] $225/issue [$195/issue for b&w]

OPEN RATE: (for ads smaller than 1/8 page) $19 per column inch

Terms & Conditions
Advertising is payable in full upon receipt of invoice, but in no case are ads payable any later than the deadline for the next issue unless other arrangements have been made. Fees of 1.5% per month (min. $20.00) are assessed on accounts older than 30 days. A $30.00 charge is levied for each returned check. Production charges, if any, are quoted per job. Any advertising may be rejected or cancelled at any time by the publisher without prior notice, and any unused prepaid revenues refunded to the advertiser. Advertising rates are subject to change upon 30 days notice from the publisher. Verbal extensions to written contracts are made under the same terms as the written agreements they amend.

Ads may be canceled by the advertiser prior to the space reservation deadline for the issue in which they were to appear, subject at the publisher’s discretion to a cancellation charge of one-third of the total price due as contracted, plus actual production costs incurred, if any (See also Frequency Discounts below.)

Color is available on select pages.

Frequency Discounts
Multiple ad placements (more than three) of any size qualify for discounts as shown above, including ads smaller than 1/8 page. Ads need not run in consecutive issues, but must run within a number of issues no larger than twice the number of ad insertions to qualify. (Example: 10 ads must run within no more than 20 consecutive issues to qualify for 20% discount.) Advertising billed at a discounted frequency rate which is then cancelled by the advertiser prior to the agreed upon number of insertions will be billed retroactively at a corrected rate on the final billing.

If your sales figures could use a little medicine, advertise in the Augusta Medical Examiner!
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