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Skloot comes to town

With author Rebecca Skloot and the family of Henrietta Lacks in town for an event at the Imperial Theater (February 8 at 7:00 p.m.), it seems like an appropriate time to revisit the Medical Examiner’s review of her book in our August 6, 2010 issue (below). Have you ever heard of Henrietta Lacks? Perhaps, but probably not. Her somewhat obscure …

The PSA of the Week

  Not everything involving better health is connected to medicine. The 3-word descriptor of Augusta’s Most Salubrious Newspaper (TM) – health, wellness, medicine – covers a lot of territory. Today, by way of the PSA of the Week, they’re going to cover DIY. You know what that means: Do It Yourself. Yesterday I had those three letters at the top of …

The PSA of the Week

It’s not the most earthshaking observation of all time, but it’s certainly worth noting: change is often scary. Then, later on, it is seen as good. Stay calm. Carry on. #PSAlite

Fresh news!

Yes, here it is, the latest issue. Remember the name Ryan Heckendorn? He sent us a story of amazing weight loss exactly one year ago. In connection with our cover story (why is it so hard to lse weight – and then keep it off???), we check in with Ryan for an update. Is he another one of those “lost …

You say tomato.

It’s this week’s juicy and bite-sized Hump Day Hiatus, and it’s delicious and delightful. It’s educational and fun. It’s quirky and cool. It’s rich and tomatoey. Tomato from Caitlin Craggs on Vimeo.

Read all about it!

What, you ask? All kinds of good stuff that encourages good health. And none of the weird stuff. Click away!

A little musical therapy

This kid is a musical genius – not that this fact hasn’t been noted by thousands already. But it’s still true. And he – Joey Alexander – was born in 2003. I have socks older than that. I believe he may have been 11 years old at the time this recording was made. I don’t know about you, but I …

A magnificent Hump Day Hiatus

Drones have changed the landscape of nature photography like nothing else ever has, making possible dramatic views that would never have been possible before, even with a helicopter. This film will let you soar over the of the many beautiful and majestic sights of Utah, California and Hawaii. Enjoy your hiatus!