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Yes, here it is, the latest issue. Remember the name Ryan Heckendorn? He sent us a story of amazing weight loss exactly one year ago. In connection with our cover story (why is it so hard to lse weight – and then keep it off???), we check in with Ryan for an update. Is he another one of those “lost 50, gained back 60” people? Check out his story – and every other article in this most salubrious issue.


  1. Remember the front page article on the Tongue? How can I get a copy of it?

    1. Author

      Can’t forget that cover! That was almost exactly two years ago. You can read it online at, or I could mail you a copy. If you’d prefer a paper copy just check my contact info on page 3 of any issue online or on paper and either email your mailing address or call the office (706) 860-5455. THANKS FOR READING!

    1. Author

      That is a great suggestion. Look for something on this topic in an upcoming issue.

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