That’s Exactly How I Meant To Do It

On Fridays between issues of the Medical Examiner, we like to show people who are out there raising the bar for us all. They could be at home sitting in the La-Z-Boy, but instead they’re out there doing something, making plans and then bringing those plans to life in spectacular ways. To wit:

Ah, perfection.

Merely attempting something noteworthy is, well, noteworthy. But when perfection is achieved, that is a shining moment indeed, for the attemptee, yes, but in a larger sense for all of humanity. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the people shown below for elevating the scope of human endeavor in such exceptional ways.

I meant to do this

Nothing is sweeter than a plan that comes together like peanut butter and jelly, like ice cream and marinara sauce, like tuna fish and marshmallows. In short, like these plans came together.

Exactly how I meant to do it

I am often asked, “What does it look like when the human spirit is captured at the exact moment when some lofty pinnacle of noble achievement is reached?” Some answers are shown below.

Exactly as I planned it, Winter Edition

On ordinary Fridays – as opposed to Examiner Fridays – this is the place to see people executing their plans to utter perfection. People are awesome, as you can plainly see.

Just the way we drew it up.

Every time a Friday rolls around that isn’t a Medical Examiner Friday (in other words, twice a month), we attempt to remember that non-Examiner Fridays are reserved for “That’s exactly how I meant to do it” video clips. Like this one:

Exactly how they planned it

People often complain about things not working as they’re supposed to, or plans that fail despite careful preparations. To prove that some things work out perfectly and exactly as planned, here are several nifty moves carried out with amazing precision. Watch and be impressed.

Exactly how we drew it up

On Fridays between Medical Examiner issues, we like to show you people planning their work, and then working their plan. To perfection.