Music Video Thursday

Because what do you think #tbt means??? It means Music Video Thursday! Duh. And here at the site of The Internet’s Most Salubrious Blog, Thursdays are reserved for – obviously – music therapy. If that’s what you’re looking for, trust us when we tell you: we will never let you down. As proof, watch this video, “I Won’t Let You …

V = MV

Put another way, the 5th day (Thursday) is Music Video day here. First, a brief visual synopsis of today’s video. For the complete experience, watch the following, which comes complete with music in addition to entwined bodies. Oh, it’s unique all right. They call it Two Dancers. HNN “je pars”. Directed by Hugo Arcier. from Hugo Arcier on Vimeo.

Music Day

V is for Video, and today is the Vth day of the week (for all you Roman numeral fans). Today we’re offering another 2-fer: one by an artist too young to drive, the other by dancers too old to drive. You’re probably going to like them both.