Another epic Hump Day Hiatus

This will give you the refreshing break you deserve. Promise. It’s the world-renowned Hump Day Hiatus. Be sure to view in full screen mode!

want to get away?

It’s understandable. It’s been a week already, and it’s only Wednesday. How about a little mini-vacation to refresh and recharge? You need this. Order up! This is a delightful and pleasant trip down the coast from SF 2 LA. Here it is, your Hump Day Hiatus. SF2LA Trip – 2015 from Gary Paitre on Vimeo.

Check out this week’s PSA

It’s the true story of a young down-under physician in New South Wales, a jogger in Los Angeles, a cantankerous old lady half a world away, an unborn baby and an unfit driver, and how their lives all intertwine with tragic consequences. All that in just six and a half minutes. But there is a positive moral to the story, …

The Hump Day Hiatus

Today’s Hump Day Hiatus is in honor of my wife. I put her on a plane today to fly to California to spend a week with her dad and brother. Wish I was with her. Enjoy it in full screen mode!

PSA of the Week

FOUR WORDS: Don’t drive like this! But still, very cool to watch.


Are you from Southern California? Remember that one day they told everyone to stay home? And everyone did? Well, this is the movie that resulted. Introducing the world’s largest skateboard park. (AKA Los Angeles) Please enjoy this, your midweek break. (Go full screen!) Urban Isolation from Russell Houghten on Vimeo.