Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month getting too racy?

In this week’s Medical Examiner we note that not long ago — think Betty Ford — it was considered courageous to discuss the subject of breast cancer in public. It was instead a deep, dark secret. Today we have organizations who support breast cancer research with such slogans as “Save the Ta-Tas,” “Fightin’ for Fun Bags,” and “I [Heart] Boobies.” A Texas group held a fund-raising barbecue — uh, make that Boobie Q.
Given that breast cancer is a serious, potentially lethal diagnosis, what do you think about the trend to be more and more casual and irreverent — and sometimes a little racy — in efforts to bring attention to the disease? Does it bring some much-needed levity to the subject? Or does it trivialize the disease and make light of its seriousness?


  1. I don’t think it is getting racy. I think that it is going with the times. Nowadays there is a lot more out there than there use to be. I think that it gets the attention of the younger crowds, which is good because breast cancer can even hit those that are really young. And everyone should be aware of the chance of it be that they may be in their teens or a hundred years old.

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