It’s an I Hate _____ Monday.

I Hate ….what? How about people who blow lawn and parking lot debris into the street? They do it on busy roads, blowing sand and dirt and leaves and grit all over your passing car and into your air filter – and if your windows are down enjoying the fall weather, right into your car and all over you! And people do it in quiet neighborhoods on residential side streets: blowing the acorns and pine straw and leaves off their lawn or down their driveway and out into the street. What’s up with that? Who is supposed to clean it up from there? Or is it somehow supposed to magically disappear? It’s a little bit like dumping your garbage over the back fence into your neighbor’s yard. Let someone else deal with it. Not cool. In fact, across the country many cities are enacting ordinances and levying fines against blowing lawn debris into the streets. Apparently leaves clog storm sewers, leading to back-ups and flooding the next time there are heavy rains. Streets are for driving, not anyone’s private receptacle for yard debris.

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