Hump Day? Hiatus??

I know, I know: it doesn’t feel like a Wednesday, but it is. And it’s the perfect Wednesday to explore exciting things to do with shiny new bicycles, thousands of which were no doubt unwrapped just yesterday. At least, that’s what we’d like to believe. And that kids are fed up with video games and tablets and everything electronic and they just want to go outside and play. Maybe if we keep telling ourselves that…

Here’s a bike recipe for your viewing pleasure:
• take one empty lot
• dig, mix, stir, etc
• add bicycles to taste
• place helmeted kids on bicycles
• pedal vigorously
Serving suggestion video here:

Tom van Steenbergen :: Rise from Harrison Mendel on Vimeo.

WARNING: Do not try this at home. You’ll knock over a lamp or something. Get outside.

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