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It’s Sunday, time for another uplifting sermonette from the Church of the Infinite Chasm. Our mission is, admittedly, an exercise in swimming against the current. After all, people have by and large accepted as fact that evolution is how life in all its varied forms got where it is today. Those people include (according to surveys) a majority of Christians and other religious types whom one would think might give a creator some credit.

Our stand is different. We hold as self-evident this truth: there is an infinite chasm between the opposing viewpoints of creation versus evolution. And an equally infinite chasm between man and all other forms of life on earth. We don’t think Christian beliefs and evolution are compatible. We don’t endorse the common viewpoint that boils down to “God created the primordial soup and Darwin took it from there.”

Nor do we particularly like the attitude taken by many creationists and evolutionists. Both sides often seem arrogant and insulting and entrenched and unwilling to consider evidence the other side might have. Not that evidence is a major factor in arguments made by either side. Nor is civility. You see plenty of stuff in this vein:
Evolution has become so mainstream that proof is no longer offered. Click to start this video (below) that offers an answer to the question “Why is the sky blue?” Why isn’t it violet? Listen and watch the first 10 seconds, and you’ll hear the statement made that our eyes have evolved to be more receptive to blue than violet. Is any proof offered? Does any proof exist to back up that statement?

We realize – we just got through saying it above – that both sides in this occasional debate are pretty stubbornly entrenched. Even so, what we try to do here week by week is offer a minority voice offering the majority a point to consider. Sometimes it’s what we would call solid proof. More often it’s just a point to ponder. Either way, our goal to those who believe in evolution is to challenge your belief by offering our thought. Are you willing to come back next week for more?

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