Our 10th Anniversary Issue!!!

Issue #1, dated July 1, 2006, was 240 issues ago. 24 issues per year x 10 equals 240. That makes this issue #241, the first issue of our second decade. Even though we use a fair amount of ink talking about our first ten years, we still had enough left over to cover important topics like avoiding prescription errors, beating summertime heat, keeping picnic food safe, being a good parent, and keeping brand-new teen drivers safe. That plus another medical history installment (“Who is this?” on page 4), several delicious popsicle recipes, and Bad Billy Laveau’s list of things you really don’t want to say on a first date. Plus a book review, jokes, a Sudoku, a word puzzle or two in addition to our world-exclusive crossword puzzle, and more. Let the clickage commence.

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