Ribbons, ribbons, more ribbons

There are dozens of various ribbons of remembrance. What do they all mean? Face it: after pink ribbons, most of us are pretty clueless. And you hate to ask. What if you ask someone what their little lapel ribbon denotes and they reply, “It’s a protest against nosy people who ask stupid questions,” and the next thing you know your jaw is broken? It could happen.

Most ribbons — but far from all — promote some brand of cancer awareness. The puzzle-pattered ribbon on the back cover of the Oct. 21 Medical Examiner is an autism awareness ribbon. Its pattern denotes the mystery and complexity of the disorder, while the various colors are said to depict both the diversity of those with autism and the bright hope of finding a cure.

As for the colors in the Pop Quiz, here are all your answers and then some.


Cancer Awareness Ribbons color chart

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