Mystery Word Winner!!!

Did you find the hidden Mystery Word in the Oct. 7 issue, the one with Susan Goodman on the cover? Well, you weren’t the only one. But the only winner, to borrow a word from Charlie Sheen, is Cy Li. The one Cy Li. The only Cy Li. I mean, how many Cy Li‘s do you know? Ten? Five? None? Well now you know one: the Cy Li who found the word “adoption” cleverly concealed in the “the” – yes, in the the – of the headline in the Ground Zero Fighting ad in the aforementioned issue. Get out your family Medical Examiner scrapbook and you’ll see “adoption” right there in the the. Congratulations, Cy! Now the quest turns to CHEARSER. That’s the scrambled Mystery Word hidden (in unscrambled form) in the current issue. Get yourself a copy and find it. Hey, the prize package is on the far side of fifty bucks. So search already.

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