Another 12 for ’12

Talk, talk, talk. If you’re a commuter, look around you and in your rear view mirror for the next month or so. Notice how many times you’ll see a parent and a child in a car together and the parent is talking on their cell phone. Perhaps you’ve done this too. I’ve noticed it more times than I can count, and I’ll usually check the parent’s face. I can tell her conversation (yes, it usually a Mom) isn’t anything serious, just a light conversation with a friend. Meanwhile, the child is being ignored, and often has his or her face planted in a game device. What a golden opportunity for conversation is lost in such moments. Parents, those phone conversations can wait. The game console can wait. Give your child your undivided attention in those precious few moments. They may be the best and only opportunity you have to talk all day long. Don’t let them slip away.

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